22 November 2020 @ 11:33 am

what's this journal about?

Nothing really. This journal is mainly used for me to leave comments on other peoples' work, whether it be fanfiction or art. I love Supernatural and mostly everything that has to do with it. Another thing is that I'm not a female, lol. Mostly everyone in the SPN fandom is, so they automatically assume I am also, and with my username that makes it even worse. I made this account seven years ago. Also I post my art here from time to time and the occasional rec and rant.

Also love Teen Wolf, Smash, Glee, Merlin, Leverage, Drop Dead Diva, Being Human and Young Avengers.

I'm 29 and originally from Hawaii, but now I go to school for graphic design and live in Oregon. I'm pretty laid back, but I hate fandom wank. I don't want it and please don't bring it here, it annoys the crap outta me.

PDF's and Requests

I read Mostly J2 AU and very rarely J2 Non-AU. Dean/Castiel is my OTP!! So that's mostly what my PDF's are made of. There are also some crossovers with Dark Angel and some Gen in there too.

I don't keep a list any where on my journal of the PDF's I have (that would take too much time uploading and coding and I really don't have the patience). If I've made a PDF for a 2010 bigbang story, the link for the download should be somewhere on the master post and if not then somewhere in the comments, please check the BB post before asking. If you're looking for a 2011 bigbang story, check this post, I'm not posting them in the comments this year.

If you have a request for a PDF I've made, please check the link 'Fics I have in PDF' down on the bottom of this post, I make a few every few days or so, so there's always something new. It'll take you to my Pinboard account with the tag 'PDF'. If you see something you want. send me a PM (a message from the profile page), please don't leave a comment with what you want or a list of what you want (it will be ignored).

If you have a request for a PDF to made for you, leave a comment on this post with a (working) link to that story. If the link isn't active send me a message if you have access to the html files or something that I can access to make the PDF.

Also leave your email address when requesting fics, I'll probably get it to you no more than a 24 hour wait.


Feel free to add me as a friend, there's not much to on this journal to see and I only update sporadically. Also I'm a really bad commenter, I'll reply to comments but I suck at giving them. I don't automatically add someone back unless I know you or talked to you some where. If you want me to friend you back just drop me a line, but if your journal is empty I probably won't add you back.

a friendly disclaimer:

Please do not alter or repost my art on facebook, livejournal, deviantart etc. without my explicit permission. Don't be an art thief. Don't claim my art as your own and for god sake don't f*cking hotlink my images! The SPN fandom is pretty big and it's highly likely I or someone else will see it and let me know. And I'll comment, bully and drag your name through the mud if you do. Not much of a threat I'm sure, but once everyone associates your name with 'art thief' I'm pretty sure, at the least, you'll feel like the dumb ass that you are. Thank you.

Effective 4/9/2011 my journal is now friends only. The post I've made to communities that link back to my journal will stay public, also the Movie Remake Master List, but everything else is F-locked.

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